Welcome to Azdeo!

Privacy is a basic human right, and one that we believe should never be violated without specific legal authorization based on evidence of a crime. Unfortunately that's not the way the Internet works these days. Both free-lance and government-employed hackers are out for your data, and in the case of government organizations they're collecting and storing it just in case they have a use for it in the future.

Azdeo is all about using security to make it harder for the bad guys – whoever they work for – to spy on you.

Our first product is Azdeo Xfer, a tool to exchange files of any type between your Windows, Mac, and Linux computer systems and Android® devices. Xfer generates and stores high-grade public-private key pairs for each endpoint, to prevent any third parties from impersonating your sytems. It also uses end-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy for all communications, so that anyone able to observe your exchanges won't be able to make use of the data. Together these security features make Xfer your safest tool for exchanging data over wireless or other open networks.

Xfer is being made available free of charge for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and will be available for a nominal charge on Android. Usage is also free, over a local network or between systems with known IP addresses. The Windows, Mac, and Linux version of Xfer is now in beta test, with Android support coming before the end of November, 2013. If you're interested in participating in the beta test, email us at .